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Welcome to Kawazu in Japan


What is Kawazu?

The Kawazu area is situated approximately 2 hours 40 minutes from Tokyo by train. The Izu Peninsula in which Kawazu is located is one of the more famous resort areas of Japan, which many people visit from all over Japan. Kawazu is famous among outlying areas of Tokyo as the place for early-blooming “sakura” (cherry blossoms).
(Flowering Period: From late February to early March, whereas in Tokyo, sakura appears from late March or early April.)

During the sakura season in Kawazu the "Cherry Blossom Festival" is held, and this popular event attracts around a million people. If you are visiting Tokyo during this time, please pay a visit to Kawazu, both to see the delightful sakura (known here as “Kawazu-zakura”), and also to enjoy the inherent beauty of the Kawazu area itself. The sakura are just one of this area's charms. There are also seven famous hot-spring baths, well-known for being the setting of the novel “Izu no Odoriko” (The Izu Dancer), for which author Kawabata Yasunari was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. This area is also a popular hiking spot for visitors.



Odaru fall in Kawazu Nanadaru is opened at 3th Aug,2017

Odaru fall was closed due to construction since 2011 but it is available for sightseeing. 
The interrupted section is reopened for service.

You can get information railway ticket to go to Kawazu Onsen(Izu Peninsula).

Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossoms Festival(中文繁體字) PDF Files

Please enjoy looking through our pamphlet, packed full of fascinating information.

Hebidaru and Odaru of Kawazunanadaru  will be opened for traffic in March 2013 

Information about Hebidaru and Odaru paths where are closed due to
construction, the works are scheduled to be completed by March 2013. 

Shokeidaru Fall of Nanadaru Seven Falls has been available for sightseeing since March 31.

Shokeidaru Fall where travelers usually take their pictures with the Izu Dancer Statues, was closed due to the construction,
but now it's available for sightseeing!

Kawazu-zakura postcards available from THE FooTNiK in Ebisu!

A great place for Tokyo residents to get their free Kawazu cherry blossom postcard!

Kawazu-zakura in bloom!

Now is the perfect time for a visit to Kawazu...

Postponed the Kawazu-zakura Sakura Festival

Postponed the Kawazu-zakura Sakura Festival

Free sakura postcard, courtesy of Kawazu!

Just drop in at our tourist information office to collect your complimentary postcard!

What’s on during the Kawazu-zakura Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival

Here are some of the interesting events that will be held during this annual sakura festival.

The Kawazu-zakura Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival has now begun!

This is the peak time to enjoy the captivating sight of “Kawazu-zakura”, the Kawazu area’s unique and early-blooming sakura! There will also be various Japanese street stalls throughout Kawazu town, from which you can buy food, drinks and souvenirs.

Ebidaru fall, Shokeidaru fall, and Odaru fall are closed due to construction. 

They will remain closed until safety can be confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.


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Throughout the suburbs of Tokyo, the sakura of Kawazu are famous for being some of the earliest to bloom. The 8,000 sakura trees in Kawazu area make for some spectacular sights.
In particular, the 800 trees that bloom alongside the river – conjuring a visual collaboration between the blues of the river and the pinks of the sakura - are a delightful encapsulation of Japan’s natural scenic beauty.

"Kawazu Nanadaru," situated between the mountains, approximately a 30-minute bus ride from Kawazu train station, is a 60-minute hiking course that enables you to view seven distinctive waterfalls.

Experience the world of the novel “Izu no Odoriko” (The Izu Dancer) written by Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata, when you visit the story locations "Yugano Onsen" and "Toge Tunnel."

One of the Kawazu area’s big attractions is the opportunity to choose from it’s seven individual onsen villages, and to experience their blue-sea views and unique characteristics. What’s more, they provide a rare quality among Japanese tourist spots; you can choose from both sea-view and mountain-view onsens.

The Kawazu area can also be the central point for your travels around the Izu Peninsula. From here it takes approximately one hour to Shuzenji Temple, which is famous among locals and foreign visitors alike. The port town of Shimoda, which is famous for being the place where the American Admiral Perry first visited 150 years ago, can be reached by taking a 10-minute train ride.
From here you can also visit Nijima, Shikinejima and Kozujima islands by ferry. (Please contact the office for details, as these ferries don’t operate on a daily basis.)