Kawazu Nanadaru - The Seven Falls of Kawazu

Kama-daru falls

Kama-daru falls - Height: approx. 22 meters, Width: approx. 2 meters

It is a gigantic waterfall falling down from the basalt rock and second highest among the Seven Falls. You can look at it in quite short distance from the observatory.

Ebi-Daru falls

Ebi-daru falls - Height: approx. 5 meters, Width: approx. 3 meters

The fall named after its appearance like a tail of shrimps (ebi). You can look at it from the suspension bridge.

Hebi-Daru falls

Hebi-daru falls - Height: approx. 3 meters, Width: approx. 2 meters

It is named "hebi-daru" (snake fall), as the pattern of basalt rocks around the waterfall looks like scales of snakes. The unique pattern can be clearly seen from the "Kawazu Odoriko Takimi-bashi Bridge".

Shokei-Daru falls

Shokei-daru falls - Height: approx. 10meters, Width: approx. 7 meters

Bronze statue of "Odoriko (Dancer) and me" matches the white streams of the fall and its atmosphere, and it is one of the popular photo spots. It is also a main venue of the "Taki Matsuri Festival".

Kani-Daru falls

Kani-daru falls - Height: approx. 2 meters, Width: approx. 1 meters (15 meter long)

Beautiful contrast of a white and green. It is a secluded waterfall in splendid mountain stream.

Deai-Daru falls

Deai-daru falls - Height: approx. 2 meters, Width: approx. 2 meters

2 rivers meet here to make 1 stream, and it is named "Deaidaru" (meeting fall). The clear blue color of waterfall basin is impressive.

Oo-Daru falls

Oo-daru falls - Height: approx. 30 meters, Width: approx. 7 meters - One of the biggest waterfalls in Izu area

It is the highest waterfall among the Seven Falls. It is majestic that the waterfall is falling from a vertically-elongated basalt rock.
* The Oo-daru waterfall trail is not currently open for visiting Oo-daru Waterfalls.